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There are only ordinary people in the world....

it is ordinary people that do extra-ordinary things.

Workshops, seminars and talks

Ian Rowe's Gold Fever delivers bespoke talks, workshops and seminars for individuals, schools, colleges and corporate clients using techniques developed from working with Olympic athletes and accomplished performers in business, entertainment and sport - including extreme challenges such as ocean rowing.

The expected outcome for participants will be a more developed awareness of their own potential and their ability to perform at a higher level in all aspects of their lives - taking things one step at a time so that ordinary people, all of us, can achieve extra-ordinary performances.

Gold Fever helps show us what oceans we can row and what oceans we have already rowed in our lives and be better able to understand what we want from life; setting new challenges, handling setbacks and being able to go our own way.

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Please call us on 01234 345534 or email to arrange an introductory meeting and discuss how we can develop a package to work with you, your school or business, delivering results and value for money.

Small steps - big challenges:

Our core belief is that there are no huge tasks, no massive challenges - only small, manageable steps taken one at a time that facilitate each individual 'going their own way' in life.

It is from each one of those small steps that what we see as massive challenges and huge tasks are taken on - moving towards our dreams.

Challenges as very personal - if it feels massive to you, then that is exactly what it is, be it a student putting their hand up in class, getting a higher grade at GCSE, applying for a new job or trying something new. 

Gold Fever

Keynote Speakers


Ian uses his experience from his  Public Relations and property management
businesses, plus his ocean rowing adventure, to deliver practical, challenging and engaging sessions.
Ian Rowe
Businessman, ocean rower and Gold Fever deliverer.